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Water Soluble CBD Tincture 250mg (30 ml Bottle)



*Water Soluble CBD Tincture Canada

Our Water Soluble CBD Tincture is more effective than traditional CBD oils, which makes it our flagship product. The tincture mixes well with the liquids and is safe to use, with no risk of getting high. As all of our products are lab tested and easily deliverable, they are assured of quality.

Its droplet system makes it very easy for the users to utilize and helps in attaining a faster and comprehensive effect. The dose is much easier to include in your daily meals and offers similar relief as the traditional ones, but with greater effect.

Water Soluble CBD Tincture 250mg (30 ml Bottle) gives you guaranteed relief from anxiety and stress. This little bottle is packed with benefits for people who suffer from insomnia. It is risk-free as it saves you from facing the dangers of toxins.

Cannabidiol Breakdown on Dosage:
• 30ml bottle: 1 drop = 0.28mg CBD
• Half dropper: 15 drops/0.5ml = 4.16mg CBD
• Full dropper: 30 drops/1ml = 8.33mg CBD

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Weight 88 g
Dosage Amount

250 mg


99.7% Pure Extracted Cannabidiol (CBD), Distilled Water, Disodium EDTA, Mannitol, Poloxemer

All CBD Hemp products are Made in Canada and we provide FREE SHIPPING! This product contains 0% THC.

Discretion: Water-Soluble CBD has 5-10 times more bio-availability than traditional CBD oils. 250mg water-soluble is roughly equivalent to about 1250mg Pure CBD Oil.

Water Soluble CBD is our flagship product that offers much greater bio-availability than traditional CBD oils in Canada. If you’re searching up CBD oil Canada on Google and came to this page, you will be amazed it not only contains CBD isolate, it contains Water Soluble CBD isolate! We truly believe this is the next evolution of CBD. See the full description below.

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